How to Tell if Your Just Sex Buddies

The golden rule for fuck buddies — never catch feelings!

However, there are stories of people going from fuck buddies to actual couples.

If you’re wondering whether you and your sex buddy are verging on the brink of love, here are five simple steps to tell whether or not you’re falling in love, or just fuck buddies!

1. You Both Try To Hangout outside of sex

Fuck buddies usually don’t see much of each other besides in their bedrooms.
They also don’t actively try to hang out casually or go out on dates together.

If you find that you and your fuck buddy make plans to go out to the movies often, catch a local band’s show together, or just casually chill at your local farmers market or whatever, it’s highly likely you could develop feelings for each other, even if you met on a fuck site like meet bang.

If you were really only interested in sex with this person, it wouldn’t matter if you saw them regularly or wonder if they’re going to make plans with you for the weekend.

It’s one thing to sometimes hangout, but if you always want to hang out with each other — there’s a good chance there are some feels going on.

2. Call and Text Eachother For Regular Conversation

Again, you shouldn’t be communicating all that much with your fuck buddy.
A few short conversations now and then is okay, it doesn’t mean you’re falling for each other, but when you text 24/7 and call to catch up or check on one another, there’s a level of care you have for one another.

You don’t even text or call friends you have in your life that you regularly see, so if you’re doing this with your fuck buddy, you’re definitely in it for more than sex.

3. Regularly Stay Over Eachothers Places

Spending the night once or twice is fine, especially after a tiresome few rounds of sex on a late night booty call, but if you’re cuddling up next to your sex buddy every time you fuck, you’re bound to catch feelings.

For some scientific evidence, oxytocin, the hormone in the brain that is very closely associated with love, is released in the brain when you’re cozying up next to someone.

So even if you think cuddling means nothing, your brain doesn’t! And eventually, those feelings will come up.

4. Think About Them A Lot

Once you start regularly thinking about this person, you’re basically fucked.

If they occupy your brain in any way other than sex flashbacks, as in you start getting reminded of them when you see certain things, that’s a huge red flag for catching feelings.

If you find yourself wondering what they’re up to, how their day went, or if they’re doing okay, you more than likely have begun to fall for them.

5. You Actually Enjoy Talking To And Can Hold A Conversation With Them

This is probably the biggest indicator that you’re both susceptible to falling for one another.

It’s one thing to have sex with someone, but a whole other deal in engaging in conversation. You could think someone is physically attractive enough to have sex with, but not someone you’d want to be in a relationship with — and communication is a big factor in that.

If you’re having long talks after sex about literally anything and everything, find it super easy to talk to them and enjoy what they have to say — you probably end up thinking about them a lot (refer to step 4).

Finding someone you can talk to is hard enough, but if you find that in someone you’re having sex with, cuddling with, hang out with, and thinking about — you’re most definitely bound to fall for each other.

If any of these steps ring a bell to you, you might want to take a step back and assess your situationship.
If all of them apply to you and your fuck buddy’s — then I wish you the best in your relationship!

I’m kidding. But if that’s what you both want, even without knowing it, I say go for it!